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Uganda is an African country with a very young, but for the most part also very poor population. Mission UP tries to help locally by providing help, encouragement and promoting a sustainable future.

Help us to help!

In cooperation with Mission Destiny, Mission UP initiates projects that contribute to improving the quality of life and perspectives of the people in Uganda. We are currently supporting six different projects in the areas of education, youth work, medical aid, pastors’ academy, evangelism team as well as vocational and craft training. You have the opportunity to support Mission UP and become part of our work. Donate to one of our projects, sponsor a Ugandan child or join our team in Uganda as a volunteer!


Mission UP supports the foundation, expansion and qualitative development of schools in poor regions. These schools are Christian schools where the Gospel is proclaimed. We started by supporting the Mission Destiny School in Mubende.


We want to ensure good medical care for the students in Mubende and the surrounding villages. At the moment, the healthcare situation at the school and in the surrounding area is not ideal. Therefore, it is our heart’s desire to build a small healthcare centre.

Skills School

Our partner organisation in Uganda is already running a car workshop in Kampala, the Mission Destiny workshop. In order to provide young people with practical training after school, we would like to further develop this area of work with the local organisation.

Kids Ministry

Children and youths are especially close to Mission UP’s heart. This is why we have employed a staff member who works with children at the school in Mubende and in the surrounding communities. They play together, preach the Gospel, sing, learn Bible verses and praise God.


In January 2022, the first five-day academy took place with around 50 pastors, with more to follow. Further bible-based education and exchange are made possible. In addition, participants have the opportunity to gain practical experience.


From autumn 2022, we will be conducting regular evangelistic outreach initiatives with a team of Ugandans. Organised 3 to 5 day outreach activities are planned in places where the Gospel is not yet well-known, alongside outreach work in refugee camps, at events and in schools.