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Our mission statement: we love to serve Christ

We love to serve Jesus Christ. Our logo already shows this: Mission UP stands for respect, love, mutual support and joy – regardless of a person’s skin colour or background.

Ambassadors of the Gospel

Our association does not want to glorify itself or the people who work here, but God and biblical foundations should be at the heart of our activities. We entrust God with the leadership and success of our “mission”, which we carry out with a serving attitude.

As Christians we are on a mission (journey) day by day and wherever we go. Jesus Christ served people out of love, and he directed his disciples to serve God and become ambassadors of the Gospel (Gospel means “good news”). God’s Word speaks of us Christians as being the “light and salt” of the earth and that “faith without works is dead”. What a challenging message. We cannot save the world, but we have chosen to make a difference in the environment in which God has placed us. For us, this does not mean to be perfect, because everyone has their faults, but we know of God’s love for every human being and we want to pass this on.

We understand serving as acting through:


Passing on the Gospel (God’s love)


Selfless commitment


Practical help where it is needed: supporting education, food, healthcare, access to water, etc.


Sharing love: we listen to, hear and pray for those in need in our outreach areas. We listen to and pray for students, widows, orphans, the abandoned, the poor, the sick and those sent to us by God.


Encouragement: We give hope for a better future and a better life. Hope is an important motor for independent change. Hope is an important motor for independent change.


Support for constructing buildings that serve the people nationally and internationally, and support for hospitals, schools, vocational training centres, residential homes to improve the quality of life.

But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition.

Matthew 6,33

Help by making a donation!

To support the people and the mission work in Uganda, Mission UP has initiated various projects. With your donation, you help to realise these projects and significantly improve the quality of life of many children and adults.

Take over the sponsorship for a child!

With a sponsorship, you enable Ugandan children affected by poverty to access education, give them hope and perspective by supporting them on their way to a self-determined life.

Make people in Uganda happy!