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Kids Ministry: giving joy

Children and youths are especially close to Mission UP’s heart. This is why we have employed a staff member who works with children in the school in Mubende and in the surrounding communities. They play together, preach the Gospel, sing, learn Bible verses and praise God.

Praying and playing at the Kids Club

During the week, our Kids Ministry worker looks after children aged 4 to 13 every evening in the so-called Kids Club at the school. Every Saturday, she goes to a church in the local area. The children learn to pray and experience God’s love when their prayers are answered. Many children have not experienced so much love in their birth families. We also practise peaceful coexistence. The children and young people develop a sense of belonging and are given new hope for the future. Visitors are welcome to actively participate in the work with the children.

We are currently collecting money for:

Continuation and expansion of the Kids Ministry events

Required funding: approx. 150

Your donation will help to make the work of our Kids Ministry worker, the events and trips to churches possible and will pay for small toys (balloons etc.). We would also like to hold a monthly meeting with free food in the future. We need about 200 euros per month for this.

Measures that have been realised with donations to date:


Weekly events at the school and Saturday events in the communities since March 2022.

Help by making a donation!

To support the people and the mission work in Uganda, Mission UP has initiated various projects. With your donation, you help to realise these projects and significantly improve the quality of life of many children and adults.

Take over the sponsorship for a child!

With a sponsorship, you enable Ugandan children affected by poverty to access education, give them hope and perspective by supporting them on their way to a self-determined life.

Gift joy and confidence!