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Education: creating perspectives

Mission UP supports the foundation, expansion and qualitative development of schools in poor regions. These schools are Christian schools where the Gospel is proclaimed. We started by supporting the Mission Destiny School in Mubende.


Learning as a basis for the future

The main goal of the Mission Destiny School is to spread the Gospel, the love of God. The school in Mubende currently consists of two school buildings, a school office, two dormitories and a residential building for visitors and staff such as the 32 teachers. Students between the ages of three and twenty can attend primary school and secondary school here and graduate with a recognised qualification.

About 180 of the now 780 students of the school are supported partially or fully with free schooling, meals and healthcare. Mission Destiny’s support comes in the form of school fees, provision of learning materials, school uniforms, meals at school, medical care, vocational counselling, mentoring, guidance and further development in the areas of buildings, teachers and the school office.

The main challenges of the project, apart from providing financial resources, are to find good, qualified staff and meet the basic needs of the students, such as water, medical care, security and accommodation.

We are currently collecting money for:

Windows for a school building in Mubende

Required funding: approx. 4,000 euros

An additional girls' dormitory including toilets

Required funding: approx. 6,000 euros

Measures that have been realised with donations to date:

Construction of a large water tank to collect rainwater

Purchase of a water purification system for drinking water with a UV and filter system

Equipping a school office with cupboards, chairs, a printer and new computers

Fencing of the school grounds and gate system with security posts and a gatekeeper

Installation of solar panels for the office and the school buildings (lighting)

Purchase of approx. 150 beds

Replacement of defective school desks
Start of construction of the girls' dormitory

Installation of an extra room for computer work

Boarding and painting of almost all buildings

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To support the people and the mission work in Uganda, Mission UP has initiated various projects. With your donation, you help to realise these projects and significantly improve the quality of life of many children and adults.

Take over the sponsorship for a child!

With a sponsorship, you enable Ugandan children affected by poverty to access education, give them hope and perspective by supporting them on their way to a self-determined life.

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