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The founder: Sabine Specht

How did Mission UP come into being? In very personal words, Sabine Specht talks about herself and the extraordinary events that led to the founding of the association.

About me

I, Sabine Specht, claim: The Corona Crisis 2020-2022 has done something to most people in my environment. I have had many conversations with fellow human beings, many things have been questioned – also by myself. Life positions were examined and sometimes the question was also asked about the right use of the life time remaining on earth. Among others also by me.

I have been a successful entrepreneur in the car trade for 20 years. I am a competitive athlete (triathlon) and have been a Christian in this world since 2009: My heart has been burning for mission since my conversion to God.

Time out in Africa

At the end of 2021, I was repeatedly forced by illness to cut back. On the advice of the doctors, I had to massively reduce my professional commitment. Immediately after a stay in hospital, I decided to take time out in Africa. My heart had been beating for Africa for a long time, actually South Africa, where I already knew my way around a bit, but Corona was also very present there. Not so in Uganda. Free entry and exit were possible. So, at the urging of a friend, I bought a plane ticket to Uganda. 

I visited a Christian work in Mukono and stayed in a hotel there. The director of the work approached me on the second day, I introduced myself briefly and she said, “You have made a right decision. This will be the best time for you here.” I was amazed. The woman didn’t really know me or my story.

Coincidence or providence?

Well, it went on. As a sportswoman, I never travel without a bike, so I had to take my mountain bike with me to Uganda. There it caused astonishment: a woman who takes her bike from Europe in a suitcase and assembles it herself on site. Hard to believe for the more traditionally inclined inhabitants of Uganda.

One day I came back from a bike ride. I was tired, but satisfied. However, due to corona, the whole hotel complex was empty. No, you don’t want to have dinner all alone again tonight, I thought to myself. There was only one Ugandan guest sitting in the restaurant. I don’t know what drove me, and believe me, I’d never done this before, but I asked if I could sit with him.

He told me that he had actually wanted to visit a friend and leave in the afternoon because he was not there. However, he had been asked to stay by the director of the factory in order to shoot a YouTube video together the next day. Room and board were to be on the house. That’s how we met.

We got into conversation. When I asked about his profession, I got the answer: “I sell cars in England, I am an evangelist and founder of a Christian school near Mubende here in Uganda”. In this school with a total of 780 children, he supports over 220 pupils from mostly his own funds, who without him would have no access to education or hope for a good future. I ask him, “How do you do it?” And I get the answer: “God is good!

Hard to believe: Two car dealers and Christians and people from Europe who want to serve God meet in Uganda. “Coincidences” exist …

Foundation of Mission UP

Three days later – and after some time to think about it – I decided to make a joint trip to the school in Mubende. I was struck by the simple living conditions in which the people and especially the pupils live there in the countryside. However, it was obvious that this school gives the children hope through education. It was also evident that many students find joy in their faith. I felt peace in this corner of the world. And I was convinced: This is where God wants me to be.

While still on site, I decided to found the association Mission UP in Germany to support this school, the “Mission Destiny School”. I thank God that an extremely competent board and great members could be found quickly.

But the vision of Mission UP does not end at Mission Destiny School in Mubende, it starts there. Mission UP is to become a Christian ministry with various areas of outreach in Uganda.

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