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Mission Destiny: a successful cooperation

Mission UP cooperates with the aid organisation Mission Destiny. In close consultation with our cooperation partner, we support the Mission Destiny School in Mubende/Uganda in the areas of organisation, nutrition, education, healthcare and growth.

The beginnings

The aid organisation Mission Destiny in Uganda was founded by the English-Ugandan Christian and evangelist Yonah Ariho in 2010. Years earlier, he had started to pay the school fees of individual children in Uganda as a private initiative. Over the years, the number of children increased. However, some of the school lessons took place under trees and the missionary was not satisfied with these conditions. Moreover, the number of children sponsored in the form of school fees grew so much that the idea of building and running his own school was born.

The first buildings of the Mission Destiny School were thus erected in 2017. The school continues to expand, with the number of students increasing every year. At the beginning of 2022, there were over 780 students. Over 180 students at Mission Destiny School and over 50 students at other partner schools were supported with free schooling as well as food, housing and healthcare.

To be able to continue this work and to ensure education, healthcare and food in the future, a sponsorship programme was launched in 2021 in cooperation with Mission UP, among other initiatives.

The goals of Mission Destiny

Mission Destiny aims to provide disadvantaged and vulnerable Ugandan children with the opportunity to realise their full potential through education and encouragement, and to enable them to become young independent adults. This represents a long-term investment in these people.

What are the motivations of a person to start and continue this type of work? Yonah Ariho answers:

“Someone rescued me from my seemingly hopeless situation. What I have received, I would like to give back and support and guide other children. I have experienced for myself the effects this kind of support can have on many children – that’s why ‘Mission Destiny’ was born.”

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To support the people and the mission work in Uganda, Mission UP has initiated various projects. With your donation, you help to realise these projects and significantly improve the quality of life of many children and adults.

Take over the sponsorship for a child!

With a sponsorship, you enable Ugandan children affected by poverty to access education, give them hope and perspective by supporting them on their way to a self-determined life.

Help disadvantaged, vulnerable Ugandan children!