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Mission UP: who we are

The non-profit association Mission UP e.V. was founded in Neuss (Germany) in June 2021. Our association works selflessly, does not pursue its own economic goals and is authorised to issue donation receipts (also for sponsorships).

Our goals

Mission UP wants to enable children from disadvantaged and very poor family backgrounds, who would not have access to education without sponsorship, to attend school and to show them the love of Jesus through practical charity. The children thus get a perspective and can positively change their environment and society as Christians in the future.

A child who is sponsored feels more loved, more appreciated and cherishes new hope. That is why we support the Mission Destiny School in Mubende, Uganda, which was founded in 2017 and whose main goal is to spread the Gospel, the love of God. About 180 of the approximately 780 students of the school are partially or fully sponsored with free schooling, meals and healthcare.

In order to be able to continue this work and guarantee education, food and healthcare in the future, a sponsorship programme was launched in 2021.

With 30 euros a month, you can contribute significantly to improving the life of a young person.

In addition, our association would like to help by collecting donations to further expand the education and care services in Mubende, and to spread the Gospel in Uganda. Please take a look at our projects – thank you very much for your support!

Our activities on site

The proper use of donations and the implementation of our projects in Uganda is ensured through regular, extended visits.

These missions are journeys that require strength, patience, prayer and especially sacrifice, as living conditions are very basic in Mubende. Travelling in a country like Uganda also means traffic jams, dirt, noise, a lot of dust and risks. Mission UP’s operations centre is located “in the bush” on the school grounds of Mission Destiny. From 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., noise and action are the order of the day. The nearest, very basic “supermarket” is half an hour away. A sweetened, unchilled drink (soda) is a luxury here.

Electricity is not always available and working is sometimes only possible to a very limited extent. Mobile phone reception and contact with friends and family are difficult. Some days, the cold shower has to be postponed until the next day, due to a lack of water. In an environment of almost 30 degrees every day, and with a lot of dust, this can become a challenge.

Our Board of Directors

Sabine Specht – Entrepreneur, Christian

Sabine Specht was born in Hagen (Westphalia) in 1972. At the age of only 29, she decided to start a business as an independent car dealer. During this time, she was flanked by her family who actively supported her in her first steps as an entrepreneur. In 2003, she received the “Founder of the Year” award from the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts. . In 2014, Sabine Specht was honoured with the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by a jury of experts from the automotive industry. The focus in awarding this prize is on aspects such as personality and professional competence, determination and successful business management.

Sabine Specht does triathlon to keep fit.

She is a committed Christian at heart. She finds strength and joy for her soul in God, in prayer and by reading the Bible. In 2021, during a trip to Uganda, God told her to support the missionary work and the school in Mubende.

Michael Schütz – Asset Manager, Christian

MichaeI Schütz was born in Cologne in 1977. After studying business administration in Stuttgart, he began his career in the world of finance at various major banks and has been a successful asset manager at a Düsseldorf bank for 12 years.

He lives in Düsseldorf with his wife Antje, who runs a physiotherapy practice.

Michael Schütz is a devoted and serving Christian and chose a life with Jesus Christ in 1984. In his free time, he loves to walk in nature, ride his bike, play a golf match now and then, deal with finances and enjoy good food.

Mission UP is grateful to have him as a board member.

Hannah Weber – Finance

Help by making a donation!

To support the people and the mission work in Uganda, Mission UP has initiated various projects. With your donation, you help to realise these projects and significantly improve the quality of life of many children and adults.

Take over the sponsorship for a child!

With a sponsorship, you enable Ugandan children affected by poverty to access education, give them hope and perspective by supporting them on their way to a self-determined life.

Support our work in Uganda!