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„The loved ones“ – „die Geliebten“

16. February 2024

Our new project: “The loved ones”.

Loved by God even with severe physical limitations! Unexpectedly, a few months ago, through God’s guidance, we were able to make contact with the German Ugandan organization

Pro Uganda (orthopaedics, wheelchairs and prostheses). Weeks later, on a mission trip from Kampala to Mubende, we became aware of a group of begging, severely disabled people. Some of this group have to walk on all fours on the floor to get around.

Mission UP drove this group from Mubende to Mukono to the Pro Uganda orthopaedic clinic (a 4-hour drive in their own bus). Supply options were discussed on site. 2 people from this group were allowed to go home with a wheelchair donation. Others are earmarked for further treatment.

Many happy faces could be seen on departure. There was soap, rice and beans for the journey home.

We will continue to visit and support the group “the loved ones” and show them God’s love through practical help.


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